Claims Correction & Denials Management

Denial management in healthcare is a highly critical process that evaluates the cause of claim denials and takes necessary steps to prevent them. The denial management includes the creation of specific procedures for refiling or appealing the denied medical claims

Denial management companies need to identify the possibilities to identify and correct the issues those cause claims denials. The healthcare denial management systems work to classify the claim denials by cause, source, and other distinctive factors to develop and assess smart denial management strategies. BTPI denial management services help healthcare organizations to implement best denial management strategies that identify and turn the denied claims into accepted ones.

BTPI denial management team consists of qualified members who have experience of working in varied Billing / Practice Management Systems. They are adept at reading and quickly understanding a denial EOB /ERA, analyze account history and take appropriate corrective action to ensure payment against a denied claim.

Our denial management team not only works on your denied claims, they also analyze trends and patters of denials and identify the root cause / Billing deficiencies which caused the denial in the first place. They then work with the rest of the billing team/front office to remove these deficiencies so that denials are reduced and cash flow is improved.